About course material and structure

As you are getting into the first lectures of the course, we wanted to start with giving some ideas of what to expect in regards to content and structure.

The course is divided up into 3 subject areas over multiple sections:

  1. The first area of the course is made up of lectures produced in a studio setting my Dr. Mitchell, these cover his approaches to effective work with client resistance in psychotherapeutic settings. This part of the course is divided into 3 sections and contains 4 clock hours of instruction.
  2. The second area of the course is a recorded keynote presentation that Dr. Mitchell delivered in 2012 and covers his approaches for therapeutically priming clients towards positive change. This course section contains 1.25 clock hours of instruction.
  3. The final area of the course is composed of research/scholarly articles designed to help students conceptualize the course material further. Continuing education (CE) clock hours for article reading will is calculated using the NBCC model of 1,500 words equals 0.25 clock hours. This course section contains 4.5 clock hours of instruction.

This course has been designed for practitioners at the graduate level or higher. And though all helping-professionals, and even those just interested in the topic, are welcomed to take this course, please note that research, as well as application, will be explored through the curriculum.

See above in the upper-right section of the screen where it says "Complete and Continue"- or simply the right pointing arrow (>) if you are in a mobile device or in the app- make sure to click this when done to progress through the course to the next lecture.

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